The human body is a body of water (over 75% water) which has to be treated similarly to a swimming pool, to maintain its proper PH level. If the human PH level becomes too acidic, which is reflected in the blood, then the body starts to break down and many illnesses and diseases takes over the body, similarly to the deterioration and the decay that takes place when a pool is left untreated.

Maintaining a proper, healthy, alkaline PH balance in the human body is also reflected in the blood, which, when tested, will be clean and healthy similarly to a swimming pool that is frequently treated.

Many of the food and drinks that we consume are very acidic and they significantly contribute to the health problems that we have encountered in the past or those that we will encounter in the future.

To maintain an Alkaline PH level in our bodies and to protect us from encountering serious diseases, we have to balance our acid intake. The easiest way to balance our acid intake and to maintain an alkaline body is simply by Drinking Alkaline Water daily.